Vet Skills Academy

Our goal is to create and deliver workshops that focus around procedures that are achievable and pertinent to veterinarians working in regional areas, small and mixed practice. Whilst our first workshops will be delivered in Townsville, we will look further afield once we find our feet.

We welcome and invite you to suggest workshops that you would deem beneficial. The workshops will be delivered by tutors with membership qualifications or better, or who are regarded as an expert or leader in a particular field.

Future workshop topics include:

. Approach to the canine hip and performing a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO).

. Approach to the lateral canine stifle, and techniques for correction of an uncomplicated patella luxation

. Introduction to the use of locking plates for fracture repair

. Introduction to the use of external fixation for fracture repair.

This list is only a start and orthopaedic focused for the moment, let us grow it together from here. We hope to start large animal workshops also. 

We are currently planning a hands-on ultrasound workshop also, so please keep an eye on our Facebook page for latest updates and videos! 


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